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Company: Sacred Soul Design Co.

Project Scope: Market Collateral – Product Branding Slips || Year: Jan. 2021

Project overview: (underway)


Company: Sparkling Cloud Jewelry

Project Scope: Social Media Manager || Content Creator – Facebook & Instagram || Year: Nov. 2020 – Present

Client Profile (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/sparklingcloudjewelry/

Client Profile (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/sparklingcloudjewelry/

Project Overview:

Sparkling Cloud Jewelry was founded by Sendra Yang, a mom entrepreneur who is inspired by her love for jewelry and how it made her feel confident and complete before attending to her day to day activities such as work or her role as a mom. The most inspiring thing about her brand though, was she genuinely wanted to share this message with her customers. My goal joining her business as a social media manager was to help showcase her business values and bring forth her message to her community. The business originally started out utilizing “Live-Streams” on Facebook for business, later she relaunched as a website based e-commerce boutique. Many in her community were either unfamiliar with the website or didn’t know it existed. In addition, she had an operating Facebook, and a non-operating Instagram that appeared to me as a consumer to be two different entities.

After discussing, a branding relaunch for her business we reconstructed Sparkling Cloud Jewelry to be a brand that showcases, timeless beauty through fashionable jewelry that allows those who wear her products to feel confident, and good about themselves.

Below you’ll see products I created through Canva, and how we changed her presentation of products to be more professional as it was one of her goals. Considering she always wanted to inspire and share her message of how a piece of jewelry added on every now and then could assist girls, sister, moms or anyone who enters a professional field feel more confident – I generated inspiration content from quotes, to check in post for engagement and tips or how to post to create curiosity for her community.

Her new brand colors were locked in at pink, pale orange, and pale blue. Each color representing an important part of her brand, but were originally taken from client’s logo color scheme and further matched to a color psychology pattern for the audience to receive consistent messages through colors and content.

  • pink: feminine, women, soft, gentle ( normally used for product photos or ads )
  • pale orange: fun, excitement, curiosity, and playful ( matched with presentation of education for community engagement post )
  • pale blue: calm, generous, thoughtful, peaceful ( paired with quotes for inspiration)

The Results

  • Business branding completed & carried out with campaign launch for pre-order of new product.
  • Strategic analysis of consumers success with PPC ad strategy for Facebook & Instagram – Product purchase goal reached over 50%
  • Successfully helped client launch new products with the next quarter

Content Showcase – below are product content used for Sparkling Cloud Jewelry’s Social Media.


Company: ShopAmeeBoutique

Project Scope: Rebranding Instagram || Year: Summer 2020

Project Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12TXHvLEfxvlXGEOVYutacrOL13rCYLda/view?usp=sharing

Client Profile (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/shopameeboutique/

Project Overview:

Shopameeboutique is an e-commerce fashion store focused on unique styles. The owner is also the designer.  In launching the owner’s site, she also wanted to have an improved Instagram page. My goal was to redo her Instagram page so that it would showcase her latest fashions, represent her brand, and drive an increase of Followers.  The deliverable was to provide her with an initial guideline to designing and leveraging her Instagram page that she could implement moving forward.

The Results:

After the Instagram changes were made to her page, she saw an increase in followers, accounts reached which led to higher conversion rates for her product sales.

  • Increased IG Followers (7 days after implementation) by 11.7%
  • Increased IG Accounts reached (7 days after implementation) by 145.2%
  • Developed a usable brand and marketing guidelines document for client


Company: KC Legacy Inc

Project Scope: Social Account Creation || Year: January 2019

Client Profile: https://www.instagram.com/kclegacyinc/

Project Overview:

Create a social presence for a new start-up marketing firm, originating in Kansas City, Mo now expanding to Springfield, Mo. I stood in as the digital marketing/communications chair for KC Legacy. Our Market Manager Jessie, gave me the opportunity to run the company’s Instagram account so we could keep in touch with our sister company across the nation.

Her main objective and goals were to keep it aligned with the company brand, highlight a positive work environment along with self-improvement and team building. I highlighted these messages on IG by utilizing our team night events and featured our promotions and even quotes from employees.

The Results:

– Instagram business on brand, fully developed and consistent strategy

– Improved employee engagement / retention through Instagram branding

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